BIG Notebook object 2019

This year, Reichturm 1917 Bauhaus 100th Anniversary
I made a limited model.
All are made of paper material.




At the POP UP store

The period from March 24 to 31 2019
Leuchtturm 1917 at Itoya, Ginza
Bauhaus 100th Anniversary
Limited model release memory POP UP store is held,
A BIG notebook object was set up in the venue.


Using eco-friendly materials born in Sweden

Sweden is an eco-friendly country where materials are very important.A paper material called “Re-board” reboard that was born in Sweden.Although it is paper, it is very strong and is used in various places around the world, including large fixtures and sets in television programs.


Recycle after use

Can be recycled as cardboard for resource garbage.
Recycling reduces waste costs!