What’s Re-board

Next-generation environmental technologies created in Sweden,
an ecological powerhouse
Sweden is an environmentally advanced country that cares about ecology from vehicles, displays, garbage and energy, education for children, food and economy.Re-board is a light and durable paper material born from such a country.It is an eco-friendly material that is highly valued in Europe, the forefront of environmental protection activities.Traditional displays and fixtures were made of wood, metal, or resin.However, if you use reboard, you can make everything from paper.



Is paper furniture strong enough?
It’s okay. Deliver with confidence.The Re-board has a triangular “honeycomb structure” that can be filled in a plane as shown in the photo, and is durable enough not to be broken by people or vehicles, and has high durability and moisture resistance.The wider the contact surface, the better it can withstand heavy objects.And this structure is the secret of the lightness of Re-board.
In addition, the weight that can be endured depends on the design of furniture and furniture products.
Thanks to this strength and the lightness of paper, it can be used as an alternative to wood and contribute to better environmental savings and reduced CO2 emissions.



Manufacturing process of reboard core material


STEP−1Paste a lot of cardboard

The basic “honeycomb structure” of reboarding, which creates strong and light materials by bonding together, begins to be made.


STEP−2 Compression with press

By compressing, it comes in close contact with no gaps and increases strength compared to just stacking.


STEP−3 Cutting high-density honeycomb structure vertically

Cutting high-density honeycomb structure vertically


Because cardboard has the property of being strong in the stacking direction, the reboard made by the above process becomes a material that is tens or hundreds of times stronger than ordinary cardboard.


STEP−4 Paste white paper on the cutting surface and “Complete”

Re-board is completed by pasting a paper with a white surface that can be easily processed in various ways on the strong cross section in the stacking direction made up to STEP3.The glue used for this bonding is also made of an environmentally friendly natural water-based adhesive.As a result, since the reboard is white on both sides, it is possible to print a free design directly.
Printing uses “UV printing”, which cures and fixes the ink instantly and enables speedy processing.UV printing has little color deterioration and prints directly, so there is no need for plate making.Also, by printing, a small amount of water can be repelled.



Processing procedure for Re-board products

Reboard itself is a material that has sufficient strength and is very easy to handle,
Durability and moisture resistance increase depending on the cutting method and type of inkjet.


1. Design and design with ArtiosCAD

With AritiosCAD, you can quickly and accurately perform everything from drawing to production.Because it can be assembled in 3D and the design can be mapped, it is easy to check and verify with customers before production.The created CAD data is used for various purposes, such as guide lines for graphic design and data for cutting.


2.Graphic design direct printing

The created graphic design data can be read and output from small to large objects. Direct printing with the UV inkjet printer “durst” improves the quality of printed materials and work efficiency. → Click here for details of UV inkjet printer


3.Cutting and processing by Kongsberg

After printing, cut it with “Kongsberg”.By reading and outputting the data created by CAD to Kongsberg, you can easily perform cutting, drilling, etc.In addition, by performing V-cut and half-cut, it becomes possible to function for flexible bending such as right-angle folding, R attachment by removing the surface liner, and joining of reboards.


4.More stylish with edge bands and accessories

Reboard has its own accessories.Of course, it is good to use it as it is as 100% recyclable furniture and furniture that makes use of the characteristics of reboard, but in order to hide the cross section of the reboard and increase the strength, special color variations Various plastic screws, corners Fasteners and edge bands are available.By using this, it looks good and the work is very easy.


Specific benefits of introducing Re-board

What will change with the introduction and how will it be improved?
You can see it by comparing it with the conventional display and exhibition!!


For the conventional enforcement of wood, etc., it will be transported with enforcement materials, frames and finished products. Transportation by freight trucks and charter flights is expensive. Also, labor is required for loading and unloading work, and the work becomes large.
Re-board fixtures can be easily disassembled, making them compact, saving about 1/10 the space compared to conventional crops, and reducing the weight to about 1/5, contributing to CO2 reduction during transportation and transportation. Costs can also be reduced.
* The above is a guide because there is an increase and decrease.


At the time of installation and removal of furniture and signage, installation, enforcement, and removal by specialized staff such as carpenters and text sheets are required.
The simple structure without screws and tools eliminates the need for specialized staff. Because it is lightweight, it can be easily assembled and disassembled by company staff and women.


It takes time for large-scale import / construction, enforcement / removal, and on-site display.
Easy to assemble and disassemble according to the instruction manual. Since the time for setting up and removing work is shortened, unnecessary time costs including facility use costs can be reduced.


In the case of conventional enforcement such as woodworking, there are artifacts including rental items such as back panels, and secondary use is difficult. Most of the used materials are discarded as industrial waste.
All parts can be disassembled, so you can add parts, replace surface graphics, and quickly produce damaged parts even if they break. It can be disposed of as “cardboard” for printing, and resources can be used effectively.


Conventional fixtures that are difficult to disassemble require a large storage space.
Because it can be disassembled, it can be stored in a smaller space than conventional products. Because it is lightweight, it does not choose a storage place.