Introducing what you can do with UV direct printing and the advantages of UV direct printing!


Cost reduction by being able to print directly on materials

If it wasn’t direct printing, the process was to print the design on a sheet and then stick that sheet to the material.Direct printing allows you to print designs directly on materials, eliminating the need for sheets. Also, since it can be printed directly on wallpaper etc., original wallpaper can be created.


List of materials that can be processed



Copper plate





Aluminum composite board



Wood such as veneer and glulam

Exterior wall material

PVC output sheet





Cutting sheet


In addition, glass, stainless steel, brass, etc. can be processed. Please contact us first.


Printable up to 70mm material thickness

We have installed a durst Rho800. This machine can print materials up to 70mm thickness. You can print thick materials such as uneven materials, bricks and outer wall materials.


UV direct printing on exterior wall material

Direct printing on exterior wall materials.Please take it to us before attaching the outer wall material.


UV direct printing on shutter

You can print directly to the shutter.As with the outer wall material, take it to us before installing the shutter.We will print it.


Direct print to wallpaper

Thick ones can be up to 70mm, but can be printed on thin ones such as wallpaper.Wallpaper can be printed if it has no glue on the back.I want to change the wallpaper as a little accent! I want to make my favorite picture, pattern wallpaper! We can respond to customers’ requests.Please contact us first.



By printing while irradiating UV lamp
Processing immediately after printing is possible

A UV lamp is attached to the printer head, and the UV lamp is irradiated simultaneously with printing.This allows the ink to cure while printing.
Therefore, another processing can be performed immediately after printing.Delivery time can be shortened by shortening the drying time!