Company equipment

Print directly on materials!Direct UV inkjet printer


Durst Rho800

Printing on a wide range of materials is possible regardless of the material. Printable on acrylic, wood, aluminum composite board, glass, cloth, paper, etc., as well as uneven outer wall materials and shutters. Since printing is performed while irradiating UV, processing such as cutting can be performed immediately after printing. Also, since there is white ink, printing on colored materials is not affected by the color of the materials. Only white ink can be printed on colored materials.


Resolution 600dpi
Ink UV curing type CMYK+White
Printable width 2500mm
Maximum material thickness 70mm
Maximum material weight 70kg


Can be cut according to CAD data!Multi cutting machine


Kongsberg XL22

Drawings designed by ArtiosCAD are directly converted to cut data. Complex cuts can be cut according to data. In addition to straight cuts such as paper, styrene board, corrugated cardboard, and plastic steps, various processes such as curve cuts, drilling, ruled lines, and V cuts are possible. It can also cut hard materials such as acrylic, wood, aluminum composite boards, brass and stainless steel.


Cutable size Until 1580mmx2150mm
Cutable material thickness Until 20mm
Millable material thickness Until 30mm


Also owns Mimaki JV300 laminating machine.



List of materials that can be processed




Paper suge


Plastic cardboard



Aluminum composite board



Wood such as veneer and glulam

Exterior wall material

PVC output sheet



Soft cloth


Cutting sheet

In addition, glass, stainless steel, brass, etc. can be processed. Please contact us first.